Demand Forecasting SYMSON vs Competition

In this blog you will learn about demand forecasting and different cases where it can be used.


There are many solutions in the market that can help you to forecast future demand. We’ll help you choose the right solution, even if it ends up not being SYMSON. We know choosing a proper solution can be hard, so in this article we want to help you in this decision.

Since each use case is different, and we’d rather recommend a competitor if that’s a better fit for your company than try to push SYMSON on you.

If you’re in the market for a flexible and intelligent demand forecasting solution with an intuitive user interface and want to have your own algorithm, ensure adoption in your organization, then SYMSON might be the solution for you.

SYMSON is an AI platform that can be tailored to your needs. It includes a rich set of features, which includes the possibility to make the algorithm that fits your demand forecasting process and market, combining with external data sources (such as weather) and integrating business rules. The platform will help you transform the way you and your team predict the demand. However, we might not be the right match for you, so here are a few alternatives you may want to check out.

Looking for a inventory/ stock management solution

SYMSON is built for companies that want to get a grip on future demand and optimize their resources. This may be the amount of people needed in warehouses to process orders on the one hand, or the amount of products to be shipped to retail stores on the other. Demand depends on various factors such as promotions, weather, customer behavior, sales locations, seasonal sensitivities or product positioning. If you want to include all these factors in a custom algorithm, this is possible via SYMSON. However, if you only want to manage the stock, Optiply and Slimstock are good alternatives.

Looking for Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is a promising maintenance strategy for your assets (machines) to see failures or necessary maintenance arriving early. Usually, sensor data is used to measure the condition of the asset based on certain variables (such as temperature). SYMSON is fully focused on predicting customer data and not machine data. If you are looking for a solution for Predictive Maintenance, Widget Brain could be an alternative.

Looking for an On Premise Solution

SYMSON is a cloud-based AI-software solution. This means that you can access your data from anywhere if you have an internet connection and from any device. During the Corona Virus we noticed that it is an absolute must to work from home in the cloud. Therefore, cloud software is best suited to these use cases. Furthermore, it’s cheaper than on-premise solutions. We handle the maintenance and updates, and you don’t need your IT staff for changes, you can manage it yourself. However, if you’re looking for an on premise solution, you can check Slim4.

Looking for an BI solution

At SYMSON we focus on Augmented Intelligence. This is a design pattern for a human-centered partnership model of people and artificial intelligence (AI) working together to enhance cognitive performance, including learning, decision making and new experiences. Before organizations take the step to AI, BI environments have usually already been set up that are the source of price data. SYMSON makes it possible to integrate all this data and add AI to it. However, if you want to start with BI, Microsoft’s Power BI is a good alternative.

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