Rapid price optimisation is a new competitive advantage in the current business landscape

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Maximize Profit

Grow margin & revenue, become a Pricing Expert and a trailblazer in your market by leveraging price optimisation.

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Outperform Competitors

Determine your Sweet Spot - identify the ultimate price in your competitive landscape.

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Incorporate and be Agile

Implement price optimisation for timely price adjustments and quicker responses to changes.

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Combining human expertise and machine learning

At SYMSON, we passionately advocate for merging human and AI viewpoints. Our aim is to develop technology that empowers individuals and organisations rather than replacing them.

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Easily combine price optimisation strategies

With SYMSON's Strategy Builder, you can choose the price optimisation strategy that best suits your business case. All available strategies can be customised, allowing you to quickly and easily modify each strategy.
The SYMSON automated pricing strategy builder for AI  Pricing
The SYMSON Automation of the AI Pricing Strategies

Closely follow the competitive landscape

SYMSON enables you to gather daily market prices from all vendors. The competitor analysis function adjusts your prices automatically and alerts you when new competitors enter the market.


Use Price Optimisation to get the most optimised margin

SYMSON incorporates various factors into your AI and ML tools to analyse all products, establish their price elasticity, and forecast how potential price optimisations may affect margin & revenue.

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Learn how Price Optimisation can contribute to your business growth

At SYMSON, our goal is to address the largest issue in pricing: everyone is guessing. Pricing managers must identify the optimal price considering market conditions and customer behaviour. CEOs aim to expand their businesses based on scalable, data-driven pricing processes. Investors need to identify the fastest-growing products for resource allocation price optimisation. We require accurate data for the best insights and intelligent algorithms to optimise decisions

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Embrace Hyperlearning™

Integrate human proficiency with AI Pricing for rapid knowledge development and application. Strengthen your decisions using data, grasp the algorithm, and consistently refine.

Manage price positioning

Implement a competitive pricing model that enables your business to maintain the desired price position relative to your competitors and avert potential revenue loss.

Gain a new perspective

Leverage business analytics to detect patterns and trends based on data. Monitor customer behaviour, market shifts, competition, and other price-determining metrics while receiving notifications and suggestions.

Engage your entire team

Involve your team in the pricing process via a highly user-friendly and straightforward interface, where you can gather and track the desired data, modify and enhance parameters, and evaluate the results.

Secure your process

Retain your expertise during personnel changes. SYMSON's unified platform functions as a Single Source of Truth for all pricing operations and offers an ideal setting for team coordination, cooperation, and improvement.

Streamline your tasks

Combine various pricing approaches with flexible pricing regulations and respond automatically to price modifications. Reduce manual input mistakes and boost pricing accuracy and effectiveness.

The Story of INDI

"Our company has experienced fewer manual errors since automating all pricing processes, which, in turn, allows for complete pricing control. Indi's pricing potential was unleashed, enabling them to increase their margins and implement a well-organised, efficient pricing strategy."

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