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Make better decisions and improve profitability

With this solution, you can...

Identify Patterns and Trends
KPI Comparison Insights
Learn by using Data & Analytics
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Unlock growth potential

Using SYMSON's Smart Algorithm, the Insight & Learn Module analyses the data and delivers valuable information for optimising your assortment, margin or revenue. Intuitive and well organised, the dashboards neatly present the market reaction to price changes in the past, enabling you to make better decisions for future strategies.
You will be able to:
Turn historical purchase data into pricing insights
Gain insight into the profitability of each product
Get info on the price elasticity of products
Benchmark against the prices of your competitors

Actions that increase your product profitability immediately

The Insight & Learn Module helps you to gain essential information about market trends, customer behaviour, and competition.

Customer Behavior analysis

Detect different patterns in customer behaviour, such as seasonality, product popularity in specific time periods, and price sensitivity.

Market Behavior analysis

Collect data of competitors in the market, discover new market participants and see who is offering the same product, for what price.

Product range analysis

Gain insights into the product performance, availability, and quantity sold in certain periods.
The Dashboard of the Margin Icnrease achieved using the Smart Pricing Platform SYMSON

Key Features of the Insights & Learn Solution

The Insights & Learn Solution brings many useful benefits that can help optimise your pricing. Do you want to unlock your pricing potential and learn more? Schedule a call with a consultant and book a 20 minute brainstorm session!

Insights & Learn Solution Functionalities:

Out of the box tools delivered by our pricing engine.

Get insights into price elasticity, seasonality and sensitivity
Flexible filter and search possibilities
Create KPI comparison insights
Insights into customer and product behaviour
Margin Recommendation Advice
Cost visualisation of products
Product insights to optimise assortment
Recommendation based upon Pattern recognition
Triple Dimensional Comparison KPI
Machine Learning Results
Visualisations and Insights


Grow by combining Smart Strategies

Before deciding on the optimal pricing strategy, price-determining factors need to be evaluated. Is cost a primary decision-making factor? Opt for a cost-based strategy. Should competition also be taken into account? Gain insight into your most important pricing parameters and combine different strategies with SYMSON’s Pricing Strategy Builder.

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The Insights & Learn Solution in action

Decide your desired price positioning
Benchmark your price with the right competitors
Get notified when needed
Select prices for different regions and market places
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Get insights into price elasticity, sensitivity and seasonality
Filter on customer groups, time periods and regions
Get insights about the low hanging fruit in margin optimisation
Select prices for different regions and market places
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How it works in SYMSON

In SYMSON, you can indicate which product you want to scan for competitive prices. Using the product code, our algorithm searches for new competitors on a daily basis and prompts you to adjust the prices based on your business objectives and strategic positioning.

1. Send your sales data

Send us your sales data. If you are in doubt, we can help with importing the data in the correct way.

2. Create Recommendations

Filter the insights by region, customer groups, products and timeframe, directly through the software.

3. Learn from insights

After performing analysis with your data and chosen parameters, the software presents suggested changes to the prices of your items.


Benefits of the Insights & Learn Solution in SYMSON

Find the sweet spot for high margin products

SYMSON delivers valuable product insights. Optimise your assortment by identifying products you may want to eliminate.

Use price elasticity to make better decisions

Insights into price elasticity help you better understand customer behaviour, in order to optimize revenue, increase margins, and ultimately achieve your business goals faster.

Understand product & customer behaviour

Knowledge about product & customer behaviour enables you to segment your customers into different audiences and tailor your marketing strategies in a targeted way.

Get arguments for discussion

Get information and data insights to discuss new strategies with your team. Data insights together with manager intuition can lead to more holistic approaches to optimisation.

Improve profitability

Act quickly on negative margins or decreased sales performance, ensuring increased profits on each product.

Reach maximised potential

Take advantage of SYMSON's multiple data analytic functionalities to quickly reach your maximised business potential.

Here's what our customers say

Prices automated
Prices optimised
in margin
The Head of Pricing at INDI a client using SYMSON to Automate his prices
“SYMSON helps us make our pricing process more intelligent.” - Erwin Hendriks Head of Pricing,
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Frequently Asked

Got a question? We're here to answer! If you don't see your question here, drop us a line on our Contact Page.

What pricing strategies can I use based on the insights?

You can use the insights from competitors to monitor price behaviour from key competitors and monitor your price position in the market.
You can use the historical data to analyse the price elasticity, seasonality, trends in quantity, costs and prices of your products.

Do I have enough data for getting insights?

If you have been in business for the last two years, you should be able to take full advantage of this module. If you are unsure, we can help assess your specific case.

Is descriptive analytics enough for getting the essential insights or should it be used in combination with other types of analytics?

Depending on your pricing maturity, descriptive analytics can offer you valuable information on what can be improved. If you are more mature, this module can be applied together with other modules to increase profitability.

Does SYMSON provide the insights automatically or should I do it manually?

Importing can be manual, or via our API. Once SYMSON receives the data, the insights are generated automatically.

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