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Increase revenue, close more deals, reduce emotion-driven pricing and start utilising innovative software to become a Hyperlearning™ organization.

A CCO struggling with managing prices due to the lack of a pricing solution

The rising challenges of today's market

Lack of a proper market overview of relevant vendors and their prices

Price Positioning should not be a black box. Find out where you stand in the market, in relation to your competition. SYMSON provides valuable insights into customer behaviour and willingness to pay, as well as prices of relevant competitors.

Chaotic pricing process

An assumption-driven pricing approach and manual adjustments can lead to sub-optimal results.  Being able to gather sales data, analyse it and use it to optimise your prices can lead to a competitive advantage in the market

Lack of skills in the company to manage prices properly

Even the most experienced pricing managers may struggle to accurately take into account so many fluctuating market factors. Use SYMSON's smart software to assist you with this essential process and guarantee no potential profit is lost.
SYMSON is aware of this challenge and focuses on Hyperlearning™, which explains the logic behind the pricing algorithm so that the user understands the outcome better. Collapse...


Accelerate Growth and Revenue

Get a better overview of your market position and competitors

SYMSON enables you to extract competitor pricing data from the market via our Google API. Get notified when new competitors enter the market. Determine your optimal price position.

Structure your pricing process

Switching to a single platform for your pricing lets you keep track of your product performance with ease, make more accurate predictions, adjust your strategies, and generate better prices for all your products. With SYMSON, every adjustment or recommendation is supported by the data you provide, so that you can be fully confident in your decisions.

Adopt Hyperlearning™

With Hyperlearning™, SYMSON provides transparency into the pricing process. Sales managers become more aware of the factors that influence pricing and gain insights into the strategies used by our algorithm to account for these factors and optimise prices. As such, achieving a Hyperlearning position with SYMSON empowers your team and gives them the knowledge necessary to contribute to the improvement of the pricing process.

A CCO accelerating growth using the smart AI Pricing Solution SYMSON

The experience of other CCO's using SYMSON

Prices Optimised
Increase in Margin
"With SYMSON, the company's price management improves enormously, causing the company to acquire higher margins." - Bernard Verburg, CEO of MegaGroup
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Increase Revenue
Customer Productivity
“Before 2020, we sent a few email blasts with MailChimp here and there, but it wasn’t a focus. Once we shifted away from retail-only sales to eCommerce sales”
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Increase Revenue
Customer Productivity
“Before 2020, we sent a few email blasts with MailChimp here and there, but it wasn’t a focus. Once we shifted away from retail-only sales to eCommerce sales”
See case study
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A CCO using SYMSON to increase the performance of Wholesale Business
A CCO Increasing revenue in E-Commerce using the Pricing platform SYMSON

The SYMSON Solution

The framework of the Machine Learning and AI module in SYMSON

Smart Algorithms


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