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How It Works

The Artificial Intelligence module in the smart pricing Platform SYMSON

Get Connected

Feed our platform with your specific data, as minimum required:

  • Invoice history data
  • Purchase price per product per period
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Use our Intelligent Pricing AI Platform

Once the data has been imported, we check whether the data is sufficient for the strategies you have in mind.

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A Woman using the Intelligent Pricing platform SYMSON
The Create your own strategy dashboard in the  price optimisation software SYMSON

Select Pricing Strategies

Before the pricing strategy can be chosen, it is important to gain insights into price-determining factors. Is this mainly the cost? Then you can start with a cost-based strategy. Do you want to take competition into account in addition to costs? Then you can also combine different strategies with our Pricing Strategy Builder. Below are the pages explaining the strategies you can select and execute in SYMSON:

  • Key Value Item Pricing
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Cost Based Pricing
  • Stock Based Pricing
  • Segmented Pricing
  • Geographical Pricing
  • Rule Based Pricing
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Apply Business Rules

A pricing business rule is a constraint that reflects prior information of the user and can be integrated into the price optimization. The rules are applied to improve the pricing solution and find a better one than would be offered without these constraints. In SYMSON you can select different type of business rules such as a minimum margin, maximum price change, rounding for .95 prices or a maximum distance from the competitor.

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A man Customising the Strategy available in the automated pricing platform SYMSON
The feedback from the price management software SYMSON

Learn, Adjust & Maintain Control

For optimal cooperation between our software and your knowledge, you can use notifications. These notifications ensure that you are informed in case of excesses, you can adjust the prices and that expensive mistakes can be prevented. In addition, you can see valuable insights per product or across the entire range about the performance of the product in the market.

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Be A Front Runner

We know that pricing can affect everything about how your products are received by the market. As a reputable company you know that clear and optimal prices are of great importance. It is time-consuming, error-prone and almost impossible to organize this in a structured way with static tools such as Excel or with gut feeling. SYMSON is happy to help you calculate the optimal prices, automate the pricing process and improve price communication. With SYMSON you have full control over maximising margin and to be a front runner.

  • Get New Insights
  • Reduce Manual Work
  • Improve Margins

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