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Why we started

SYMSON started as a spin-off from the Erasmus University Rotterdam to empower organisations to learn at high speed. A team guided by Prof. dr. Felix Janszen, began to translate scientific knowledge into practical solutions for businesses.

Our story
Our dream
Enable Hyperlearning™

The SYMSON Story

SYMSON took off

Founded SYMSON as a spin off Erasmus University Rotterdam.


Products Optimised


  • Top-10 Most Innovative AI Companies
  • Minimum Viable Product SYMSON to optimize pricing and forecasts
  • First customers such as Rituals, LaPlace and Heineken


Products Optimised

Top-10 Fast Growing Data Science Companies


Products Optimised

Top-10 Fast Growing Data Science  Companies


Products Optimised

Expanding to other markets in Europe


Products Optimised

We Are SYMSON, Enabling Hyperlearning™

We empower companies to Hyperlearn™ with Smart Pricing. We give your organisation superpowers by applying intelligent pricing software and our Hyperlearning™ approach.

Our 4 promise to improve your margin and revenue

Our Algorithm recommends the best price possible, given market circumstances and customer behaviour.

Providing your team with tooling to combine smart price strategies to determine the optimal price strategy.

Our Insights allow you to validate gut feeling to optimize your strategy, margin or revenue.

Our easy to use interface helps your business become a learning organization using AI and Smart Data.

We’re a customer-first,
No-Black box,
SaaS Company.

Our product enables managers to optimise their prices and forecasts  and unlock  growth potential


Prices Optimised


Countries Sales Offices


Hours of Manual Work Saved


Years in Operation


Providing business with the superpower of Hyperlearning™ in Pricing and Demand Forecasting!


Humanity develops, technology advances. At SYMSON, we believe machines are of no value unless they serve a clear purpose. As such, technology without humans is void of any value. However, when man and machine come together, an untapped potential is unlocked. Combining human expertise with the capabilities of modern technologies leads to innovation - knowledge can be built up and applied at extraordinary rates. In our world, we call this Hyperlearning™. SYMSON believes this phenomenon to be a crucial capability for successful companies of the future, and the future is closer than you can imagine. This is why our mission is to make hyperlearning accessible to all companies and see a world improved.

Enabling Hyperlearning

At SYMSON, we work to solve the biggest problem in pricing -everyone is guessing. Pricing managers need to set the optimal price given market circumstances and customer behaviour. Sales managers must figure out the balance between discounts and sales volume. CEOs seek scalable, data-driven pricing processes to grow their business. Marketeers are concerned with price sensitivity when carrying out their promotion. Investors look for quickest-growing products when allocating resources. Relying on intuition and outdated processes prevents making the best decision at every level, which is why we need data to support our decision-making. We need smart algorithms and software to aid us in the process and supplement our expertise. We need to learn so we can grow. All of this becomes possible with Hyperlearning™.


These values define our actions, behaviours, and guide us when we have to make tough choices.

Transparent, No Blackbox
Innovative Frontrunners
Customer Centric
Sharing the dream

Awards & Recognitions

SYMSON  is part of a select list of international AI companies with great potential. “It is a great honor to be recognised, and because our product is continuously evolving with the needs of our customers, innovation is at the forefront of our roadmap. We look forward to presenting ourselves to this jury of product AI experts”, say Felix Janszen and Arian Oosthoek (founders of SYMSON).

Scientific Backbone

SYMSON started as a spin-off from the Erasmus University Rotterdam to translate scientific knowledge into practical solutions. We bring scientific models, data science and software engineering together in an AI platform where users can optimise prices. We work closely together with leading scientific researchers and pricing experts.

Meet the Management

Vincent Gelink
Commercial Director
Arian Oosthoek
Marketing Director
Bogdan Spinean
Technical Director
Raluca Lichiardopol
Lead Data Science
A photograph of Raluca Lichiardopol, lead data science

We Are Hiring

Does your vision align with ours? Are you a problem-solver first?
We're looking for people like you.

Medior Azure Engineer

Full Time
We are in search of a skilled Azure Expert to join our development team. As an Azure Expert, you will be responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining cloud-based solutions using Microsoft Azure services.

Video Editing & Concepting

Do you have the power to turn browsers into buyers? Are you eager to learn? Can you work independently just as well as you can work with a team? And do you have an affinity for making videos and helping customers with support? Then you’re exactly what we’re looking for!

So, if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to apply now to dive into the future of digital marketing during this unique, proactive internship at Symson!

Growth Hacking

As a Growth Hacking Intern at Symson, you will have the opportunity to work alongside a team of experienced growth hackers, marketers, and developers. You will play a vital role in driving user acquisition, increasing engagement, and improving conversion rates across various digital channels. This internship will provide you with hands-on experience in growth hacking strategies, data analysis, and marketing automation tools.

Data Analytics

We are looking for a Data Analytics to join our SYMSON team who will help us to analyse product performance to recommend the best pricing strategies for our customers. In this role, you will work on strategic initiatives as well as support the Data Analytics team and product team to optimise opportunities for sustainable growth. So, if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to apply now to dive into the future during this unique, proactive internship at SYMSON!

Junior-Medior Front-End tester

Symson Indonesia team is developing an Angular libraries that are consumed by the main Symson app. Currently there are two programmers in the team and we are looking for a Junior to Medior tester to join our team. Withing the following year the team will grow to 4 or 5 team members.

We are using Jest for unit tests and Cypress for end-to-end tests. You will be setting up the test infrastructure, connect it to our CI/CD pipelines in Azure DevOps and potentially you will help in the process of documenting the code.

Sales Development

We are looking for a talented, curious and problem-solving Sales Development Intern with an interest in the tech and digital commerce industry that wants to continuously look for new opportunities in the market and introduce SYMSON to our target group of companies. Help companies grow with our machine learning technology!

We're around the globe

Our commercial offices are in Rotterdam, Stockholm and London. Our development offices are in Rotterdam and Indonesia.

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