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Why is a combination of pricing strategies important?

Use the full functionality of SYMSON and.....

Become a Frontrunner
Adapt to Change, be Agile
Outsmart the Competition
Become a Hyperlearning™ Organization
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Apply multiple strategies together

SYMSON offers you a unique opportunity to select several pricing strategies together with the help of The Pricing Strategy Builder. This is a plug-and-play software tool that helps you with creating, automating and executing  pricing strategies that fit your business.
You will be able to:
Execute agile price testing within boundaries
Build marketplace and country specific strategies
Act dynamically on market changes
Customise strategies with the knowledge gained

Combine the strategies you need

Creating  strategies in SYMSON offers you endless possibilities.

The Pricing Strategy Builder

It is a plug-and-play software tool that helps you to create, automate and execute strategies.

Add business rules and notifications

Apply business rules and notifications to tailor your strategies for a perfect fit to your business.

Scenario testing

Be a genius, run scenarios to predict outcomes of your strategies and make fact-based pricing decisions.
The SYMSON Dashboard showing competitor pricing and price optimisation in SYMSON

Key Features of the Genius Dynamic Pricing

The Genius Dynamic Pricing Solution lets you use the full capabilities of SYMSON. Do you want to unlock your pricing potential and learn more? Schedule a call with a consultant and book a 20 minute brainstorm session!

The Dynamic Pricing Functionalities:

Out of the box tools delivered by our pricing engine.

Dynamic pricing
Automatic pricing upon costs, variables or trends
Receive Automatic Optimised Prices
Use Smart AI Strategy Algoritihms
Price Elasticity Algoritihms
Smart Prices per Group, Region or Marketplace
Smart Business Rules
Apply psychological price tactics
Import and export to .csv or API


Combine strategies

Before the pricing strategy can be chosen, it is important to gain insight into price-determining factors. Is this mainly the cost? Then you can start with a cost-based strategy. Do you also want to take competition into account? Then you can combine different strategies with our Pricing Strategy Builder.

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Apply your own business rules
Build your own strategy with the Pricing strategy builder
Get notified when needed
Select prices for different regions and market places
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How it works in SYMSON

In the pricing strategy builder in SYMSON you can have control over all your products and segment them in subgroups. Here you can see the  strategies we offer. Once you have created your product groups, you can drag different building blocks to it, to create your own pricing strategies.

1. Send your product data

Send us your product codes (EANs). If there are no EANs, we can jointly look at the options available.

2. Create your pricing strategy

Creating a strategy is as simple as dragging one of the strategies you want and adjusting the parameters.

3. Analyse the results

Gain insights into your pricing and evaluate what the impact of strategies is on your own revenue.


Benefits of Genius Dynamic Pricing

Easy to use

To use the Pricing Strategy Builder you do not need the understanding of coding since it was developed to meet the needs of pricing managers and business owners.


Plug-and-play format of The Pricing Strategy Builder is especially useful for people with an understanding of different pricing strategies as it helps to be in control of their own pricing.


The Pricing Strategy Builder lets you build a customisable model that offers a variety of strategies and business rules to choose from.

Rapid implementation

Our import and export API enables you to seamlessly integrate into your downstream system.

Automate your process

Automate your current pricing processes where possible to  avoid your dependency on spreadsheets, intuition and manual time intensive tasks.

Avoid Manual Errors

According to research 90% of spreadsheets contain errors, which are made during manual entry of data. SYMSON can be seen as the optimal assistant on your journey to pricing excellence.

Here's what our customers say

Prices automated
Prices optimised
in margin
Head of Pricing at INDI, one of the clients of AI Pricing Platform, SYMSON
“SYMSON helps us make our pricing process more intelligent.” - Erwin Hendriks Head of Pricing,
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Frequently Asked

Got a question? We're here to answer! If you don't see your question here, drop us a line on our Contact Page.

Is this solution suited for a specific market?

Actually not. The Genius Dynamic Pricing can be applicable for all markets.

What data do I need to use this solution?

The data that is required for the Genius Dynamic Pricing Solution mainly consists of sales data in your ERP. The minimum requirements are prices, costs, margins, invoice ID’s, quantities, invoice dates and product ID’s.

What is the output of this solution?

As an output SYMSON will send you prices according to the strategy that has been set with the price factors you’ve selected. Furthermore you have the option to select multiple data-outputs, such as price of the previous cycle, price of the upper- and under bound, use of price strategy, VAT, margins and costs.

Can I change the combination of the pricing strategies?

Yes, it’s possible to exclude price factors or include new factors with the Pricing Strategy Builder. Our Customer Success Team is willing to help you to help you in this configuration step.

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