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A womman setting up a Dynamic Pricing Strategy in the AI Pricing Platform SYMSON

Why is Competitor Pricing important?

Outsmart your competition with intelligent pricing:

Pricing is your most important decision
Price Leadership is key
Automate your pricing process
Benchmarks are needed to survive
B2B: Track and manage vendors
A group discussing the Scenarios for Price Optimisation in the Smart Dynamic Pricing software SYMSON

Act dynamically on price changes

SYMSON offers the opportunity to collect daily market prices from all vendors in the market. Thanks to our partnership with Google, we are always aware of key competitors adjusting their prices or new competitors entering the market. As such, Price Leadership enables you to position yourself when it comes to pricing your most competitive products.
You will be able to:
Build a pricing strategy that reflects your business
Decide your price
Act dynamically on price changes
Benchmark against prices of competitors

Set Competitive Prices

Benchmark your prices against your main competitors and maintain your desired positioning.

Follow competitors

Take actions based on pricing behaviour of competitors

Apply business rules

Set constraints according to your needs

Automate prices

Automatically push data into your own system to realise price actions
A Dashboard of the competitor price comparison tool in SYMSON

Key Features of Competitor Pricing

Competitor Pricing brings many useful features that will help you optimise your pricing.

Competitor Pricing Functionalities:

Out of the box tools delivered by our pricing engine.

Create competitive prices
Benchmark your prices against relevant competitors
Select position in the market and maintain it
Apply your own business rules
Get notified for new entrants in the market
Native integrations with Google
Eliminate irrelevant competitors
Apply psychological price tactics
Import and export to .csv or API

Why SYMSON stands apart from other solutions

Google Shopping Integration
Website Scrapers


Combine with other strategies

Before deciding on the optimal pricing strategy, price-determining factors need to be evaluated. Is cost a primary decision-making factor? Opt for a cost-based strategy. Should competition also be taken into account? Gain insight into your most important pricing parameters and combine different strategies with SYMSON’s Pricing Strategy Builder.

Explore All

Competitor Pricing in action

Decide your desired price positioning
Benchmark your price with the right competitors
Get notified when needed
Select prices for different regions and market places
Start Your Custom Demo
Track  new entrants in the market
Maintain a competitive position in the market
View all your data in one place at the same time
Make real-time price adjustments
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How it works in SYMSON

In SYMSON, you can indicate which product you want to scan for competitive prices. Using the product code, our algorithm searches for new competitors on a daily basis and prompts you to adjust the prices based on your business objectives and strategic positioning.

1. Send your product data

Export your data or connect to SYMSON's API. If unsure, we can help assess the options available and assist with this process.

2. Configure Competitor Pricing

Identify your competitors and define rules based on their prices to set up the Intelligence Pricing model.

3. Get valuable data to increase revenue

Gain insights into your price position and evaluate what impact the competitors have on your own revenue.


Benefits of Competitor Pricing

More accurate price positioning

SYMSON automatically tracks the prices of your competitors, giving you a better overview of your price position in the market and how it relates to your expected growth.

Increase revenue

A competitive pricing model allows your business to stay in control of your position relative to the competition, preventing the loss of potential revenue.

Extensive market research

Carry out market research on products you want to add to your inventory and check the saturation of the market with ease.

Easy implementation

When done right, a competitive pricing model is, in comparison to other pricing models, easy to calculate and implement.

Automate your process

Automatically respond to price changes based on your current strategy and apply your own business rules.

Avoid manual errors

By setting the parameters you will always act within boundaries, thus avoiding mistakes during manual input

Here's what our customers say

Prices automated
Prices optimised
in margin
The Head of Pricing at INDI a client of the Automatic pricing software SYMSON
“SYMSON helps us make our pricing process more intelligent.” - Erwin Hendriks Head of Pricing, Indi.nl
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Frequently Asked

Got a question? We're here to answer! If you don't see your question here, drop us a line on our Contact Page.

What about products that don't have competitors?

For such products, we carry out strategical inquiries with the company to decide on the most suitable course of action, e.g. cost-based pricing or elasticity based pricing, etc.

What if my competitors change their price very aggressively and I don’t want to follow?

In SYMSON you can set business rules (contraints) that limit price changes to for example max. 5% at a time. In this way, you stay in control of large price changes.

Are competitive prices limited to a particular country or region?

Not at all! SYMSON tracks, examines and compiles competitive pricing data from multiple countries and regions.

Can I also combine Competitor Pricing with other strategies?

Absolutely! You can assign multiple strategies to your product(s) in order to experiment and identify the ones that contribute the most to your business objectives.

Is the software fully in charge of the pricing or can I customise it and make changes myself?

Both options are possible. You can set up the strategy with custom distances to your main competitor(s). It is also possible to manually change the prices or overrule the advised prices of SYMSON. If you want to see this by yourself, please request a demo.

How can I find out whether Competitor Pricing is a suitable solution for my business?

The answer depends on your assortment. Do you have a lot of popular products or A-Brands which are offered by many vendors? Is the price a key factor for the customers' decision to choose your store? Then competitor pricing for these specific products might be a good solution to increase your pricing position and attractiveness in the market.

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