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While many software companies offer some type of onboarding, 90% of businesses recently reported their onboard experience could have been better. And a shocking 55% will return or cancel their product because of poor onboarding programming. Full service onboarding prevents future roadblocks and employee dissatisfaction by providing a detailed understanding of the basics, as well as the fundamental features and services that make a product unique.SYMSON works with various partners to support organisational as well as technical onboarding.

Figure 1: The onboarding process of SYMSON

Technical Onboarding Consultancy

In technical onboarding you can think of technical support in the field of data formatting and connecting SYMSON with downstream systems such as an ERP or webshop. Consultants can help with seamless integration, data cleaning or advice on IT architecture issues.

Organisational Onboarding Consultancy

One common concern amongst business owners and managers is “will employees actually use the software?”. A structured and tailored onboarding process that puts an emphasis on training employees with a collaborative approach is more likely to guarantee successful adoption and ongoing success.  Getting help from someone who knows the system well, who has set it up before for plenty of businesses like yours, and who’ll get it up and running correctly based on your business processes is always a great way to set off on the right foot with new software.  The consultant can help to translate the business requirements of the software into the solutions within SYMSON. In addition, the consultant can provide the necessary explanation to the entire organisation in which scenarios SYMSON can be applied and which steps are necessary to reach the possibilities on the horizon.

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