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A man setting up a Dynamic Pricing Strategy in the AI Pricing Platform SYMSON

Why Price Prediction
is the key

Use historical sales data to run predictions of future performance

From Emo-Driven to Data-Driven Pricing
Increase Pricing Potential with Price Elasticity
Get Recommendations on How to Improve
A group discussing the Scenarios for Price Optimisation in the Smart Dynamic Pricing software SYMSON

Run scenarios to optimise

Knowledge about the elasticity of your products can significiantly increase revenue and margin. The price elasticity of a product indicates the extent to which demand changes when the price of that product is modified. SYMSON uses AI and ML tools to run analysis on all products, and automatically suggests the most optimal price for higher revenue or higher margin. SYMSON offers the opportunity to predict optimal prices based on elasticity for every product and for every time frame.
You will be able to:
Get recommendations for areas of improvement
Take the first steps in machine learning pricing
Combine data and experience to improve your pricing
Increase revenue or margin

Start your price predictions

Run predictions on products using historical sales data to determine the most optimal price for margin or revenue.

Follow competitors

The software uses all historical sales data and determines the price elasticity of each product simultaneously.

Add Business Rules

Business rules apply constraints that fit your specific business case.

Analyse the results

SYMSON presents all the data used for the analysis so you know the logic for a suggested price.
A Dashboard of a Price Optimisation in the Intelligent Pricing Software SYMSON

Key Features of the Predictions Solution

The Predictions Solution brings many useful features to help you with your pricing process. Do you want to unlock your pricing potential and learn more? Schedule a call with a consultant and book a 20 minute brainstorm session!

The Functionalities of Price Predictions:

Out of the box tools delivered by our pricing engine.

Optimise for Margin
Run scenarios for different customer groups or time periods
Run scenarios to predict outcome
Data Quality checker
Recommendation based upon Pattern recognition (Seasonality, Market trends, etc.)
Margin Optimisation Impact
Visualisations and insights
Result Data Driven Explanation


Predict your prices

If you want to have the optimal prices for your products, price elasticity is a key element to take into account. With this information, you can determine what the next course of action will be. Do you want to take competition or costs into consideration during your price predictions?
The Pricing Strategy Builder lets you combine different strategies to account for any desired factors.

Explore All

The Predict Solution in action

Decide your desired price positioning
Benchmark your price with the right competitors
Get notified when needed
Select prices for different regions and market places
Start Your Custom Demo
Apply machine learning
Apply business rules
Optimise price elasticity
Run scenarios for different customer groups or time periods
Start Your Custom Demo

How it works in SYMSON

If you want to have the optimal prices for your products, you need to know the price elasticity for that product. With this information, you can determine what the next course of action will be. Maybe you should increase it to optimise profit, or maybe you should decrease it to sell more and increase revenues.

1. Send your product data

Send us your product codes (EANs). If there are no EANs, we can jointly look at the options available.

2. Select products for price prediction

In SYMSON you can select the items you want analysed as well as the optimisation goal, either margin increase or revenue increase.

3. Get valuable data to increase revenue

Gain insights into the price elasticity of your products’ demand and evaluate the impact of price changes


Benefits of Competitive Pricing

Adopt Hyperlearning™

Find the right balance between intuition, experience and machine recommendations with Hyperlearning™.

Increase sales

Business owners may be able to increase sales when the elasticity of demand is high for the types of products or services they sell. Identify which price points generate the greatest amount of revenue with SYMSON.

Make more intelligent decisions

AI-systems often make decisions, but leave their users in the dark about how those decisions have been made. Make use of AI in your decisions to create a human-centered partnership model of people and technology.

Get more control and insights

Implementing price elasticity can provide valuable insights into customer behavior, ensuring you are fully in control of your pricing process.

Increase the margin on your products

Price prediction will help you boost your margin and revenue on each product and contribute to your company growth.

Set an optimal price

Knowing which products are elastic, company marketers can test various pricing scenarios. Test for lower, average or higher pricing and compute which price point elicits the greatest profit margin.

Here's what our customers say

Products optimised
The Head of Commerce from Vink a client of the Automatic pricing software SYMSON
“SYMSON helps us to apply a better pricing structure based on customer behavior.” - Robbert van Dijk, Head of Digital Commerce, Vink Plastic Materials

Frequently Asked

Got a question? We're here to answer! If you don't see your question here, drop us a line on our Contact Page.

What data is required to run predictions?

Our Predictions Solution mainly uses sales data in your ERP. The minimum requirements consist of prices, costs, margins, invoice IDs, quantities, invoice dates and product IDs.

Can I automate price elasticity?

After setting up your strategy in SYMSON, adjusting product prices according to price elasticity is done automatically.

I am not sure if I have enough data. How can I make sure I have the data I need?

No need to worry! SYMSON is able to gather data from multiple countries with regard to competitive prices.

Can I also combine the Run Predictions package with other strategies?

Absolutely! You can assign multiple strategies to your product(s) in order to experiment and identify the ones that contribute the most to your business objectives.

Is the software fully in charge of the pricing or can I customise it and make changes myself?

Both options are possible. You can set up the module for maximum margin or revenue. It is also possible to manually change the prices or overrule the advised prices of SYMSON. If you want to see this by yourself, please request a demo.

Can I profit even if my products are inelastic?

The answer depends on your assortment. Do you have a lot of popular products or A-Brands which are offered by many vendors? Is price a key factor in your customers' decision to choose your store? Then competitor pricing for these specific products might be a good solution to increase your pricing position and attractiveness in the market. Run Predictions and find the right course of action!

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