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Increase margins, reduce emotion-driven pricing and start utilising innovative software to become a Hyperlearning™ organisation.

A CFO struggling to optimise margins
A CFO struggling with balancing costs in the changing market

The rising challenges of today's market

Volatile cost prices must be directly adjusted in sales prices

Promptly reacting to market changes in real-time is crucial to ensuring you never lose margin. SYMSON keeps you up to date with any fluctuations, and provides easy ways to adjust your pricing to account for volatile cost prices.

Customer behaviour is difficult to track and use optimally

Relying solely on spreadsheets and intuition to account for customer data can severely hinder your pricing process. Being able to efficiently collect and analyse information about your customers' buying habits is a crucial step in price optimisation. SYMSON takes care of this process automatically and transforms your data into competitive advantage.

There is no single source of truth to manage prices properly

Price management can be fragmented in the company. Various functions of the pricing process can be split between finance, marketing and sales. Some companies employ Price Managers to coordinate all these areas, but the spread of information may still prove difficult to make best use of. SYMSON's single platform format ensures all the information and strategies for pricing are easily accessible from one single source of truth.
SYMSON is aware of this challenge and focuses on Hyperlearning™, which explains the logic behind the pricing algorithm so that the user understands the outcome better. Collapse...


Accelerate Growth

Stay on top of changes and grow

Make use of SYMSON's easy-to-use interface to keep track of all market changes. SYMSON's smart algorithms automate your pricing process and prevent any delay in price adjustments, so you never end up losing margin. Optimise your prices and grow without any hurdles.

Adopt a data-driven pricing approach

SYMSON's price automation software takes into account many price-influencing factors such as competition, price sensitivity or customer behaviour patterns, in real-time. Setting the right prices becomes an efficient operation, saving you valuable time and guaranteeing your decisions are supported by your data.

One single source of truth

SYMSON provides an intuitive overview of multiple aspects of the pricing process. Within a centralized platform, collaboration between various teams and departments becomes easier and more fruitful. Your team can learn from each other and improve more easily, when all the information is available in one place.

A CFO using SYMSON Pricing software to collect financial data

The experience of others using SYMSON

Prices Optimised
Increase in Margin
"With SYMSON, the company's price management improves enormously, causing the company to acquire higher margins." - Bernard Verburg, CEO of MegaGroup
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Increase Revenue
Customer Productivity
“Before 2020, we sent a few email blasts with MailChimp here and there, but it wasn’t a focus. Once we shifted away from retail-only sales to eCommerce sales”
See case study
Increase Revenue
Customer Productivity
“Before 2020, we sent a few email blasts with MailChimp here and there, but it wasn’t a focus. Once we shifted away from retail-only sales to eCommerce sales”
See case study
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CFO dicsussing with his team how to improve financial performance with AI pricing platform SYMSON
A CFO optimisng prices for E-Commerce using Automate Pricing Solution SYMSON

The SYMSON Solution

The framework of the Machine Learning and AI module in SYMSON

Smart Algorithms


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