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The stories of our customers

Read more about the journey of some of our customers: the difficulties they faced, the way we approached them and the results that followed.

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The story of FotoCadeau

The company is growing rapidly due to the rise of E-Commerce and the increasing demand for canvas products. The company has been recognised several times as the fastest-growing in their industry.

During the rapid growth, the theme of pricing has also become increasingly topical. As a small company, it is still manageable to manage prices in Excel. With a fast-growing product range, an increasing number of sales channels (own sales channels and marketplaces) and a rapidly growing workforce, there was a need to secure knowledge of the pricing process and to implement changes quickly and automatically.

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The story of INDI

INDI is a webshop with more than 450,000  products. They offer premium brand products in every industry and category. INDI makes a difference in the market with  quick deliveries, an extensive product assortment and great customer service. Their head office is in Groningen and their warehouse in Varsseveld. In these two locations, they work with more than 30 specialists to become the most customer-friendly company in the Netherlands.

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The story of MegaGroup

MegaGroup is a technical wholesaler of water solutions with facilities throughout Europe. Nowadays the mission of MegaGroup is to provide sustainable energy with accessible, smart and effective water solutions.In MegaGroup there was an incredible amount of data, but far too little was done with it. With data in hand, it was essential to make sure it gets to the right people. So, firstly, there was a need in a logical structure of the data. Another thing that the customer, Bernard, wanted to implement was Data Science.

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The story of La Place

The dining market is a highly competitive and constantly changing market. Consumers have many alternatives to choose from and La Place distinguishes itself through good quality, a wide range of products and the good service. As the entire assortment has more than 1400 items, it was a challenge to find the best-selling items that would match the local (demand) preferences of the customer. Some of the questions La Place had were: “To what extent can we increase sales through a specific assortment per cluster?”, “Which promotions lead to the most sales and store visitors?”.

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The story of Witway

Witway is a E-Commerce company that is a key player in the installation market in the Netherlands. Witway is dedicated to maintaining a competitive edge by optimizing their pricing strategy and remaining responsive to market changes, ensuring that they can effectively cater to customer needs and preferences. Despite their success, Witway faced significant challenges in the realm of pricing. They struggled to keep up with the pricing agility of their competitors and found it increasingly difficult to manage their growing product range.

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