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A man setting up a Dynamic Pricing Strategy in the AI Pricing Platform SYMSON

From Price Engine to Price Excellence

Automate your pricing process

Use flexible Price Rules
Automate your process
Have full control of your pricing
Prepare for AI Pricing
A man using AI Pricing Platform SYMSON  to compare competitor prices

Extensive flexibility in price rules and logic

The business rules are meant to capture managerial knowledge and insights that impose important constraints on the pricing problem. Implementing them can help your company to increase pricing potential greatly. SYMSON Pricing Engine allows you to automate your pricing process via the Strategy Builder. In this Builder you can “drag-and-drop” the desired business rule in your pricing process. The engine helps you to automate your tasks.
You will be able to:
Create flexible strategies
Connect to ERP and
E-Commerce systems
Combine price lists
Automate your process

Unlimited possibilities to apply the Pricing Engine

Create a strategy that fits your business case and helps you reach your goals faster.

Variety of Price rules and logic for B2C

Rules such as minimum margin and price rounding can help you create the strategy that fits your needs best.

Price lists for B2B

Applying the business strategies and rules can let you customise the pricing for each product group and customer.

Price Automation

The software of SYMSON takes into account all business rules set up  by the user and adjusts the prices automatically.
A Dashboard Visualizing the Price Engine customisation in  SYMSON


Use our Price Engine for your E-Commerce or ERP-system

A seamless integration with your favourite systems.

Over 15+ integration apps
Over 15+ integration apps

Key Features of the Pricing Engine

The pricing engine has many useful features to help you with automating your pricing process.
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Pricing Engine Functionalities:

Out of the box tools delivered by our pricing engine.

Create price list
Add discounts and flexible price logics
Select prices for different regions and market places
Apply your own business rules
Pricing strategy builder
Import and export to .csv or API
Get notified when needed
Apply psychological price tactics


Combine pricing strategies

Before the pricing strategy can be chosen, it is important to gain insights into price-determining factors. Is this mainly the cost? Then you can start with a cost-based strategy. Do you want to take competition into account in addition to costs? Then you can also combine different strategies with our Pricing Strategy Builder.

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The Price Engine in action

Decide your desired price positioning
Benchmark your price with the right competitors
Get notified when needed
Select prices for different regions and market places
Start Your Custom Demo
Apply your own business rules
Pricing strategy builder
Get notified when needed
Select prices for different regions and market places
Start Your Custom Demo

How it works in SYMSON

A pricing business rule is a constraint that reflects prior information of the user and can be integrated into the price optimization. The rules are applied to improve the pricing solution and find a better one than would be offered without these constraints. To start with the Price Engine these steps should be followed.

1. Describe the current pricing process

Write down the current constraints that are applied in your current pricing process. We at SYMSON are happy to help you set it up.

2. Select strategy and apply business rules

Decide which business rules belong to which product groups and market segments, configure these rules per customer group in SYMSON. After this is setup your pricing will be handled by the software entirely.

3. Test & Evaluate

Look through the results of the strategy you have created, evaluate the results and export the data from the SYMSON API.


Benefits of Price Engine

Automate your prices

With SYMSON you can reduce time spent on pricing by 80%, so that you can spend that time on more important tasks

Reduce your manual errors

The software adjusts your prices so that manual mistakes are eliminated by using the SYMSON API to export prices directly into your software.

Stay in control and get new insights

With SYMSON you can be in full control of how your prices are changing and you can adjust the rules of each strategy independently from each other.

Prepare for optimisation

After your pricing process is automated, SYMSON makes your ready to optimise your prices for extra revenue or margin.

Knowledge Assurance

Avoid the loss of knowledge within your company. Make sure that all the operations can run smoothly and are not reliant on a single person or a few experts.

Historical data collection

The software saves the sales data from historical purchases and prices. With this data you are able to run analyses.

Here's what our customers say

Prices automated
Prices optimised
in margin
Head of Pricing at INDI, one of the clients of AI Pricing Platform, SYMSON
“SYMSON helps us make our pricing process more intelligent.” - Erwin Hendriks Head of Pricing,
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Frequently Asked

Got a question? We're here to answer! If you don't see your question here, drop us a line on our Contact Page.

How can I know that applying business rules is suitable for my company?

What if your prices are twice as expensive as your competitor's? Or what if your price increase per month is 25%? Your customer probably doesn’t like this and you aren’t attractive in the market. This can be corrected with the right business rules. If you start writing down your pricing process, then you start seeing what constraints are currently applied in the price position. This is the start of automating your pricing process via business rules.

What exact rules should be applied?

It really depends on your pricing process. SYMSON has a set of business rules which can be used, but it’s also possible to make custom business rules.

Does rule-based pricing fully automate the process or there is still room for manual corrections?

The answer would be yes if the world is stable. But the world and the market circumstances are continuously changing. New competitors can pop up or new suppliers. This means that your pricing process should be flexible as well. SYMSON offers you the software to change and configure the business rules by yourself if needed.

I have a unique pricing process, is it possible to make custom business rules?

Yes that is possible! You can give product (groups) multiple strategies in order to experiment which contributes the most to your business objective.

Can I use the Pricing Engine in combination with other modules?

Yes, that’s possible. During the demo and setup, our onboarding team analyses your pricing process to translate this to the right combination of propositions to achieve your organisational goals.

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