76% of CIOs face challenges implementing AI Pricing Software

Turn data into valuable insights, reduce emotion-driven pricing, automate your process, and start utilising innovative software to become a Hyperlearning™ organization.

A CIO struggling to implement an AI pricing Solution
A CIO struggling to manage the data in his company due to many siloes

The rising challenges of today's market

Not being able to turn fragmented data into valuable information

There is an abundance of data, from many different sources, stored in various locations. Having your data spread across spreadsheets, figures, tables, and many other documents makes it difficult to track and analyse. Data fragmentation is a significant issue when attempting to optimise your pricing process.

Not fully understanding how software reaches the optimised price

AI algorithms are usually programmed to only provide an answer, based on the data they operate on. As such, they present merely their conclusions, without explanation on how the result was reached. This gap in transparency limits your ability to improve the AI, both by fixing mistakes and learning from good decisions.

Data collection being time-consuming and otherwise inefficient

For most businesses today, data is one of the most valuable resources for decision-making. More information about your customers means better insight into their interests and decisions. Using data helps enhance your understanding of your customers' expectations and allows you to tailor your products, and your communication, to better appeal to them. Yet how can you ensure you collect and use this data most efficiently?SYMSON is aware of this challenge and focuses on Hyperlearning™, which explains the logic behind the pricing algorithm so that the user understands the outcome better. Collapse...


Accelerate Growth and Revenue

Transfer data into valuable pricing insights

With SYMSON, data scattered across many divisions, documents or sources is a problem of the past. SYMSON not only acts as a single source of truth, but it also automatically optimises your prices so your data is turned into valuable pricing insights to support your decision making.

Understanding the logic and process of the price optimisation

At SYMSON, we strongly believe in bringing the human and machine perspectives together. We build technology that strengthens people, rather than replacing them, and so giving organisations superpowers. This is why SYMSON makes sure that our AI is not a black box. Instead, its logic and processes are transparent and fully understood by the users.

Smart and rapid response based on price and customer behaviour data

SYMSON's automation software accounts for changes in multiple pricing-related factors. As such, SYMSON ensures you react quickly to market conditions that continuously fluctuate, so that your pricing process remains as efficient as it can be, and no potential profits are missed. When optimising your prices, SYMSON keeps track of a multitude of factors such as competition, price sensitivity, and many others.

A CIO accelerating growth by implementing a smart AI Pricing Solution SYMSON

The experience of others
using SYMSON

Prices Optimised
Increase in Margin
"With SYMSON, the company's price management improves enormously, causing the company to acquire higher margins." - Bernard Verburg, CEO of MegaGroup
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Increase Revenue
Customer Productivity
“Before 2020, we sent a few email blasts with MailChimp here and there, but it wasn’t a focus. Once we shifted away from retail-only sales to eCommerce sales”
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Increase Revenue
Customer Productivity
“Before 2020, we sent a few email blasts with MailChimp here and there, but it wasn’t a focus. Once we shifted away from retail-only sales to eCommerce sales”
See case study
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A CIO using AI pricing solution SYMSON to collect pricing data

The SYMSON Solution

The framework of the Machine Learning and AI module in SYMSON

Smart Algorithms


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