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Case Study: Effective Pricing by Region with Scandinavian Photo

Scandinavian Photo has grown to become the Nordic region's leading player in photography, video and audio.

About Scandinavian Photo

Scandinavian Photo has grown to become the Nordic region's leading player in photography, video and audio. What started with a main focus on cameras and photography has broadened to a wide range of technology products combined with inspiration and education in the form of various events. Their clients range from new creators, enthusiasts and influencers to professionals, companies and production companies.

The Challenge In Pricing

SP has online sales in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, and stores in Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Malmö and Borås. Therefore, handling pricing consistency across all these regions and channels is a challenge. This also poses a problem with volume and complexity which needed to be automated as well as accurate and error-free.

They also wanted to be able to plan their discounts and promotions throughout the year and automate this process.

Since they operate in multiple countries it was of utmost importance to be compliant with the legal pricing requirements of each country when pricing.

Why Scandinavian Photo Chose SYMSON

SYMSON had the capabilities to handle the complexities of working across geographical regions, being compliant with local pricing regulations and accounting for pricing differences across the region.

Results of Working with SYMSON

SYMSON was able to help Scandinavian Photo with key pricing process improvements such as: 

  • Organised pricing across countries: SYMSON allows SP with effective product segmentations and customised price lists across the different regions they operate in
  • Campaign functionality: SYMSON allows SP to create and automate different promotions to be run throughout the year in different countries based on seasonality or local celebrations and holidays.
  • Legal Compliance: There are specific directives in European law which are made to prevent consumers from being exploited by dishonest pricing techniques. For example, when setting discounts it is illegal to display artificially inflated prices. Every retail seller has to display the lowest price point for each product in the last 30 days. SYMSON helps SP implement these specific pricing compliance directives.
  • Better Data visibility: Using SYMSON gave them visibility and transparency across their sales channels and regions and able to use insights and analyse this data

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