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Case Study: Implementing Key Value Item Pricing with Technische Unie

With a fast-growing product range, an increasing number of sales channels (own sales channels and marketplaces) and a rapidly growing workforce, it was clear that Fotocadeau needed a new pricing approach

About Technische Unie

Technische Unie is a company operating as a technical wholesaler of installation materials. It offers a range of products with a focus on electronics, heating, lighting, protective equipment, sanitary ware, etc. In addition, the company delivers related consumer services. The company serves housing, utility, construction, industry, government, and retail sectors. Technical wholesaler with 44 departments. Part of the Sonepar company. With 280,000 articles from 700 suppliers worldwide, Technische Unie offers a wide range of technical installation materials for residential, commercial, industrial, government, healthcare and retail. A technical wholesaler of installation materials in the field of electrical engineering, lighting, tools, sanitary facilities, heating and climate technology.

The Challenge In Pricing

With 280,000 articles, this company offers a wide range of materials, and cater to a wide variety of industries. This leads to complexities in pricing effectively for each product or product category and the appropriate sales channel.

Why Technische Unie Chose SYMSON

SYMSON had the capabilities to handle the volume and complexity of their inventory and customer base. SYMSON could also set up a cohesive pricing strategy that combines different aspects such as competitive pricing or key value item pricing, to create customised strategies for specific customer groups and sales channels.

Results of Working with SYMSON

Utilizing the comprehensive capabilities offered by SYMSON,

  • They were able to seamlessly integrated their vast inventory of products sourced from their ERP system, bolstering their competitive edge within the market landscape.
  • They were able to identify Key Value Item in their offering. Therefore, they were able to lower prices on these products that brought customers to the store while optimising margin on other products, thereby, increasing the total margin on the average basket value.
  • They were able to leverage competitor pricing data to position themselves in the market effectively
  • They used our dynamic pricing features to be able to reprice frequently and accurately as and when market changes demanded it.

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