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Case Study: Implementing Price Elasticity Insights with VINK

With a fast-growing product range, an increasing number of sales channels (own sales channels and marketplaces) and a rapidly growing workforce, it was clear that Fotocadeau needed a new pricing approach

About VINK

Vink Holdings operates as a federation of over 100 independent businesses in 19 European countries, with over €80 million of inventory in its vast network of warehouses and factories. Over 120,000 customers go to them for plastics materials, specialist fabrication and machining in industries as diverse as graphics and signage, building and construction, chemical and storage, manufacturing, automotive and public transport and medical.  It is a member of the Plastics Family, one of the largest independent plastic businesses in the world.

The Challenge In Pricing

VINK faced a lot of challenges due to a manual and complex pricing process such as: 

  • The cost per product identification involved a lot of manual editing of data, leading to potential errors.
  • The company was not able to account for waste in their product manufacturing costs, leading to inaccurate cost prices.

These challenges hindered accurate pricing decisions and affected their competitiveness in the market.


SYMSON had the capabilities to handle the volume and complexity of their inventory and customer base. SYMSON could also set up a cohesive pricing strategy that combines different aspects such as competitive pricing or key value item pricing, to create customised strategies for specific customer groups and sales channels.

Results of Working with SYMSON

SYMSON was able to help VINK with key pricing process improvements such as: 

  • Streamlined Price Computation: With SYMSON, VINK simplified price computation by automating discounts and cost prices, enhancing efficiency and minimising errors
  • Elasticity Insights: SYMSON provided VINK with valuable insights into product elasticity and Key Value Items, guiding more informed pricing decisions.
  • Enhanced Process Efficiency: Utilising SYMSON, VINK streamlined pricing by incorporating average cost prices and segmenting clients based on KVI purchases. This facilitated the implementation of targeted pricing strategies, optimising value-based pricing with customised discount structures.

Do you want a free demo to try how SYMSON can help your business with margin improvement or pricing management? Do you want to learn more? Schedule a call with a consultant and book a 20 minute brainstorm session!


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