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Hyperlearn™ with Smart Pricing

Give your organisation superpowers with intelligent pricing software and our Hyperlearning™ approach. Improve your pricing today.
Increase margins with price elasticity
Identify margin bleeders and quick wins

We deliver Insights, Optimisation, Automation and Communication, ensuring we offer the right price, at the right time, to the right customer.

Increase Profit

Increase margin & revenue, become a Pricing Genius and a frontrunner in your market.

Outsmart Competition

Define your Sweet Spot - find the perfect price in your competitive landscape.

Adopt and Be Agile

Become a Hyperlearning™ organisation. Adopt new ideas & insights for price optimisation and respond faster to change.

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How it works
How to combine different pricing strategies
How to get recommendations for the perfect pricing
How to track competitors
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Bringing together human and machine

At SYMSON, we are big believers in bringing the human and machine perspectives together. We build technology to empower people and organisations, rather than replace them.

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Drag & Drop the Pricing Strategy You Prefer

With the Strategy Builder in SYMSON, you can select the strategy that best fits your business case. The strategies available can all be customised - the software allows you to make changes to each strategy quickly and easily.
The SYMSON automated pricing strategy builder for AI  ML Pricing
The SYMSON automated, dynamic pricing competitor analysis

Know your competitors better than themselves

SYMSON offers the opportunity to collect daily market prices from all vendors in the market. The competitor analysis feature will adjust your prices automatically and notify you when new competitors enter the market.


Optimise your margin with machine learning

SYMSON uses several factors you can put in your AI and ML tools to run analysis on all products, determine their price elasticity, and predict how potential price changes may affect margin & revenue.

The SYMSON smart AI and Machine Learning price optimisation dashboard

Discover how SYMSON can support your business growth

At SYMSON, we want to solve the biggest problem in pricing: everyone is guessing. Pricing managers need to find the optimal price given market circumstances and customer behaviour. CEOs want to grow their business based on a scalable, data-driven pricing process. Investors need to know which products grow the quickest, so resources allocation can be optimised. We need the right data to get the best insights and we need smart algorithms to optimise these decisions.

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Benefits of SYMSON

Adopt Hyperlearning™

Combine human expertise with modern technology to build and apply pricing knowledge at extraordinary rates. Learn to support your decision-making with data, understand the algorithm, and constantly improve.

Control price positioning

Adopt a competitive pricing model which allows your business to control the desired price position in relation to your competitors, and mitigate any potential loss of revenue.

Get new insights and learn

Use business analytics to identify patterns and trends based on data. Keep track of customer behaviour, market changes, competition & other price-defining metrics and receive notifications and recommendations.

Get everyone on board

Get your team involved in the pricing process through a highly intuitive & easy-to-use interface, where you can collect and track desired data, adjust & improve the parameters and assess the outputs.

Safeguard your process

Ensure your knowledge is preserved in cases of turnover. SYMSON’s centralised platform acts as a Single Source of Truth for all your pricing processes, as well as an optimal medium for your team to coordinate, collaborate and improve.

Automate your tasks

Combine various pricing strategies with flexible pricing rules and automatically respond to price changes. Get rid of manual-input errors and increase your pricing accuracy and effectiveness.

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"Our company has less manual errors since all the pricing processes are automated, which, in turn, helps to be fully in control of pricing.The pricing potential of Indi was unlocked, which let them boost their margins and achieve a well-structured, effective pricing strategy."

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The office of INDI.nl a client of SYMSON uisng AI and Machine learning to optimise their prices