Optimising a pricing strategy is essential for keeping customers in the field of manufacturing, and thus maintaining a steady growth. Selling a product for more than its production cost may sound simple in theory, yet choosing the right markup that keeps your customers satisfied is a very delicate process.

Price optimisation is the process of finding the right price level for maximising your sales and increasing your market share. If prices are too high, volume might be too low. On the other hand, if your prices are too low, the unit sales volumes might be higher, but costs increase and profitability suffers.
The right set of tools can make a big difference in pricing.

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Market Facts


For every $1.00 spent in manufacturing, $1.40 is added to the economy. This is the highest multiplier of any sector.


of manufactured products were up by an average of 21.8% year on year.


of manufactured products were up by an average of 21.8 percent year on year.


of EU's exports were manufactured goods.

Pricing Challenges & Solutions

Here are the core challenges that exist in price optimisation in  manufacturing:

Lack of insights into price elasticity

Price elasticity is a very important factor in price optimisation. Being aware of the elasticity of your products helps you better determine your course of action, whether it means increasing price to get more profit or decreasing it to sell more and increase revenue.


Not integrating valuable knowledge and experience

Within an organisation, much of the knowledge and expertise is concentrated within a few key managers. If they were to leave, this knowledge may be lost, and the organisation might suffer. For steady business continuation, knowledge assurance is paramount.


Large volume of manual work

Managing prices based on spreadsheets or other manual, repetitive tasks, and guesswork is often ineffective and very time-consuming. Pricing with static tools such as Excel, or based on gut feeling is unreliable, error-prone and almost impossible to organise in a structured way.


Benefits of using SYMSON

With SYMSON, manufacturers can move away from tedious manual work, spreadsheets and emotion-driven decision-making, and instead focus on unlocking the full potential of their pricing process to maximise margin. The software provides crucial insights into customer behaviour, leading to a better understanding of the market. SYMSON enables you to integrate business rules in order to ensure compliance, set expectations, provide guidelines on work performance. Automate your processes and guarantee your growth, with SYMSON.

Have more control over your pricing strategy
Set optimal prices for better profit margins and reduce loss of revenue
Get insights into price elasticity
Apply your own business rules to integrate business knowledge and KPIs
Automate mundane tasks and free up time for more challenging tasks
Augment human intelligence with the power of AI

What is SYMSON used for in Manufacturing?

  • Increase market share
  • Improve price positioning
  • Deal with inflation more effectively
  • Get customer insights
  • Implement AI & optimise pricing
  • Determine price elasticity
  • Automate manual pricing process
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