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About the Business

Fotocadeau was founded in 2014 by Amsterdam students who are conquering the canvas market. A unique concept has been developed to deliver canvases ordered via the webshop to the customer on time. The company is growing rapidly due to the rise of E-Commerce and the increasing demand for canvas products. The company has been recognised several times as the fastest-growing in their industry.

The Challenge In Pricing

During the rapid growth, the theme of pricing has also become increasingly topical. As a small company, it is still manageable to manage prices in Excel. With a fast-growing product range, an increasing number of sales channels (own sales channels and marketplaces) and a rapidly growing workforce, there was a need to secure knowledge of the pricing process and to implement changes quickly, automatically

Why Fotocadeau Chose SYMSON

In the decision-making process, the choice arose between building a pricing algorithm yourself or a directly usable package such as SYMSON. The team soon found out that specific knowledge is needed to develop an accurate pricing algorithm. In addition to the algorithm, there is also the need to have a good infrastructure that can ensure that optimal prices can be directly implemented in the desired systems. The decision to choose SYMSON is not only based on the speed of implementation, but also on the return on investment.

How SYMSON Responded

The big challenge at the start was to get the input data in the desired format to have a seamless connection with all systems. When this was completed, different strategies were set up per channel and per region to calculate an optimal price per product and per period.

The Results

The results are based on the criteria below:

  • The time investment / manual work saved with SYMSON by having the right prices at the touch of a button
  • The margin improvement achieved by the pricing algorithm predicting optimal prices
  • The knowledge of the company that is secured

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