The Story of La Place

Read more about the journey of our customers: the difficulties they faced, the way we approached them and the results that followed.

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About the Business

La Place is a restaurant chain, owned by Jumbo. La Place has about 100 restaurants in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Indonesia and the United States.

The Challenge In Pricing

The dining market is a highly competitive and constantly changing market. Consumers have many alternatives to choose from and La Place distinguishes itself through good quality, a wide range of products and the good service.

As the entire assortment has more than 1400 items, it was a challenge to find the best-selling items that would match the local (demand) preferences of the customer.

The questions La Place had:

  • What are our Key Value Items?
  • To what extent can we increase sales through a specific assortment per cluster?
  • Which products should the assortment be expanded with?
  • Which products should we eliminate from the assortment?
  • Which items should we include in the permanent assortment and which should we offer flexibly
  • Which promotions lead to the most sales and store visitors?

Why La Place Chose SYMSON

The customer chose SYMSON because of such advantages as:

  • Ability to detect key value items per location
  • Validate gut feeling about optimal promotions
  • Find the price elasticity and optimal price per product
  • Get valuable pricing insights into customer behaviour

How SYMSON Responded

The SYMSON team onboarded La Place and imported all the relevant sales data per location.

After this step La Place was able to:

  • detect Key Value Items per location
  • define price elasticity
  • analyse product performance
  • analyse which promotions are most effective

The Results

The results that La Place were able to achieve were:

  • Validation of gut feeling to make better informed decisions about promo- and price effectiveness
  • Getting more insights about the dynamic customer behaviour per location
  • A better understandinhe elasticity of the products was also defined to ensure that the company is selling a product for the optimal profit. The pricing manager is now successfully implemented the insights.g what is the popularity of products for each location.

La Place was satisfied with SYMSON and the overall progress. KVI items and optimal promotions were detected.

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