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The Story of MegaGroup

Read more about the journey of our customer: the difficulties they faced, the way we approached them and the results that followed.

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About the Business

MegaGroup is a technical wholesaler for water solutions with facilities throughout Europe. The growth of the company started 75 years ago with the establishment of Bosta BV in Alkmaar. The primary business then was technical products for the agriculture, horticulture and food industries. Nowadays the mission of MegaGroup is to provide sustainable energy with accessible, smart and effective water solutions. The company improves the lives of people by making water solutions accessible.

The Challenge In Pricing

MegaGroup had access to an incredible amount of data, but far too little was done with it. Whilst the data was there, working with it efficiently was rather difficult, as the data was collected within many spreadsheets, across multiple departments and people. Before anything else, there was a dire need for a logical structure of the data. Appreciating its great potential, the customer wanted to implement Data Science in their process. MegaGroup knew the positive impact that Data Science can have on a company’s business processes and profitability, so they came into contact with SYMSON.

Smart solutions were needed to:

  • format data in a structured way
  • implement Data Science to optimise pricing
  • get insights into price elasticity
  • increase margins and profitability

Why MegaGroup Chose SYMSON

The customer chose SYMSON because we can lead the way to:

  • Structure the data logically
  • Automate pricing with the help of analytics
  • Make pricing more accurate and effective
  • Boost margins and increase revenue
  • Reduce manual tasks and human errors 
  • Be fully in control of the customer demand with valuable insights

How SYMSON Responded

Firstly, the required sales data was imported into the platform. We then organised a workshop with the pricing manager of MegaGroup, to discuss the best course of action for setting up Price Optimisation strategies. As a result, the pricing manager was able to get insights into the optimal price on Key Value Items and Additional Products. This resulted in more competitive prices on KVI's and improved margins on Additional Products. Additionally, in cooperation with SYMSON, MegaGroup discovered an absolute difference in price per country and based on this new-found insight, a Geographical pricing strategy was also implemented.

The Results

By using SYMSON MegaGroup was able to:

  • Support their human expertise with data, leading to more informed, better decisions about promo- and price effectiveness
  • Structurally optimise margins and profitability to a healthier level
  • Implement the Insights and Learn module to measure the popularity of products for each location
  • Implement new pricing strategies based on regions, elasticity and KVI's

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