Explainable AI of Pricing Strategies

In this Blog you will learn more about the new Feature of the SYMSON AI Smart Pricing Platform. The Strategy Explanation menu will show you the logic behind the price adjustments in the software

Even more Insights into your Pricing

At SYMSON we are big believers in bringing the human- and machine perspectives together and we call this Hyperlearning™. We like to try and build technology that gives organizations superpowers, rather than replacing them. This philosophy is coming to practice in the SYMSON Software. After setting up a strategy using the human expertise you have, the Machine Learning algorithms can automate your task and logic to optimise your prices.

In our Recommendation and Results Centre, you can click on the “Core Ready” Icon and access our new feature the Strategy explanations box. Here you can learn more about the logic behind the price adjustments.

For example for this product, the elasticity analysis has suggested a price decrease to 4 euros and 60 cents, the in the next step the minimum margin rule has increased that price to 4 euros and 84 cents in order to preserve the minimum margin of 38%. And finally, the price change cap adjustment has increased the price to 5 euros and 14 cents because it does not allow changes to the price bigger than 15%.

Understanding the price outcomes from SYMSON is highly important for the adaptation of the pricing strategy.  This is why we bring the human- and machine perspectives together in our Hyperlearning™ approach.

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