How seasonally sensitive is your market?

In this blog you will learn more about seasonal sensitivity and its importance.

Seasonal Sensitivity

For active SYMSON users it was probably already known, but from now on it is also possible to include seasonal sensitivity in your price / demand forecast analysis.

Effective seasonal pricing can impact your cashflow and demand. Many traditional and e-commerce businesses are seasonal, and this seasonality will affect different industries in different ways. Seasonal demand fluctuations can impact demand fluctuations, stocks and staffing.

The nature of a seasonal business means that much of the business revenue is generated at specific times of the year. Therefore, an effective solution to managing the highs and lows of seasonal demand is to offer seasonal pricing.

This not only helps with managing inventory stock, but by charging different prices for goods and services you can maximise gross margin during periods of high demand. Equally, businesses can smooth demand by offering discounts and reduced rates to help sustain the business over slow seasons and periods of lesser demand.

In SYMSON you are able to select or unselect the different months to include in the forecast.

So that you get the right insights to price dynamically among seasons…

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